Veterinary services for domestic and exotic animals.

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Compassionate Care for your Companion

Whether your Companion is healthy or sick, when you call, we will work to schedule the most convenient appointment for you.  

You can even Drop Off your Companion in the morning and pick him or her up in the evening.  If your dog does not handle exam rooms well, let us know and we can schedule your appointment so I can conduct the exam in the lobby.  It is our goal to make your visit as stress free as possible on you both. 

At Companion Animal Hospital we vaccinate by lifestyle.  We want to discuss with you vaccinations and health issues such as tick-born diseases and FIV.

Schedule a check-up today, or keep in mind that we also perform:

Digital X-rays
& Lab Work

If your Companion needs an x-ray, rest assured that at Companion Animal Hospital we have the latest digital x-ray equipment on-site for faster, better results that are much easier and safer for your Companion than standard x-rays.  

This modern equipment allows for results in seconds, decreased stress for your Companion, and less time away from you.  It also allows us to email your x-rays to local specialty services and you.

We also have in-house diagnostic tools allowing us to run blood work and develop a treatment plan while you are in the office.

& Surgery

We offer dental and surgical services Monday through Friday.  Dental procedures are important to the health of your Companion because a stinky mouth leads to the loss of teeth, heart, and kidney disease.  Following dental procedures, we can provide you with a wide selection of products to prevent future illnesses.

We can perform necessary surgical procedures on dog, cat, and exotic Companions including spays, neuters, bladder repair, foreign body removal, and more.  I encourage you to have dog and cat Companions spayed or neutered around six months and rabbits spayed around four months so they can enjoy optimum health and behavior while being a part of your family.


At Companion Animal Hospital your Companion will receive complete, whole body care.  We are open to Alternative Therapies and can recommend some of the excellent practitioners in our community.  

Nutrition is a critical component of the health of your Companion.  Most products I recommend can be purchased locally.  I also often recommend nutritional supplementation products made by Standard Process which are readily available on our shelves.

Try Our New Pet Portal

The Companion Animal Hospital of Middletown Pet Portal allows you to do all kinds of things online without the need to call into the office. You can:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Sign up for appointment reminders
  • Get medical records for your companion
  • Request prescription refills
  • and more

Come See Us!

Companion Animal Hospital Karen Lazas, D.V.M.
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** Devo is a 4 year old Whippet looking for a new home. His story is below. Please DM with interest or questions ** Devo is a 4 year old Whippet that we are looking to rehome. Devo came into our lives two years ago. We got him from a family member who joined the army and was not able to bring him when he went overseas. We introduced him into our family, which at that time was my husband and I and our mini poodle. Devo and the mini poodle did not get along at first but after lots of effort they became friendly, as long as we keep food and toys separate. We observed resource guarding behavior.Devo is sweet, sensitive and affectionate. He loves to run around the yard and go for walks. He is active when given the chance but also loves to veg and take lots of naps. He is very friendly to family and strangers alike and loves to be pet. His favorite spot is right next to you. He is fully house and crate trained and knows basic commands (sit, down and crate up). We recently had a kid and we are seeing that the resource guarding is becoming a problem. We are vigilant about keeping them apart and Devo has not bitten anyone but right now we don’t see this as the best home for him anymore.In an ideal scenario, Devo would be the only dog in a home with adults and access to a yard. He could be in a home with another dog, if it was the right personality fit. He is neutered (not microchipped) and in good health. He is up to date on his shots and I have attached his recent medical records. He got treated for a hematoma on his ear recently and has made great recovery. I have also attached pictures. He is an amazing dog and would appreciate any help you guys can give to find him the amazing home that he deserves. We also have a crate, leash, jackets, toys and everything that he needs to be comfortable in a new home. ... See MoreSee Less
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Having a chill Sunday over here 💤🍁🐱#catsoflouisville #louisvillepets #dogsoflouisville #louisvilleanimals #502petcare #animalhospital ... See MoreSee Less
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